Thank you for your interest in Wayiri. We aim to be a premium, economical network cabling services supplier dedicated to assisting organizations to attain the most effective network cabling options.

Wayiri was established in 1986. Our success is a direct outcome of years of dedication to looking for services on behalf of our customers. We have developed from a stringing 2mb LANtastic cable television along floorboards to multi-floor industrial cabling tasks that integrate Cat5, Cat6 and fiber optic cabling innovations that serve to make the most of the speed, expenses, and efficiency. Our cabling groups interact to obtain on-site and to obtain the cable television set up and operable rapidly while reducing interruption and downtime.

Your network cabling is primarily concealed inside of your walls and up under your drop ceiling, it serves to assist in interactions with your computer systems to the Internet, the Server and stop typically your VoIP phone system. It is important that the cabling is set up correctly and within the local building regulations policies. We pursue 100% uptime upon conclusion of all our cabling jobs.

We achieve this by doing the following:

- Using the greatest quality cable television and connection parts
- Using the very best cable television management systems
- Keeping our professionals correctly trained
- Using an online job management system to guarantee efficient interactions throughout the job

Thank you for visiting our site. We truly value your interest in Wayiri. And we eagerly anticipate the chance to deal with you.